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The Musée du Carnaval is born from Sébastien Dalbera's passion for the carnival of Nice.


From an early age, he was interested in behind the scenes, devoting his free time to learning the secrets of carnivalesque creations and received at 12 years his first prize for the manufacture of a tank in miniature


After a first butler's life, he turned his childhood dream into reality by

becoming a carnival actor for the Nice Carnival.


As a tireless collector, he has gathered, over the years, a multitude of

objects recounting the history of carnival and the work of its craftsmen.


Passionate about the culture and traditions of Nice, and concerned to

transmit and share this heritage, it seemed natural for him to work on

the crazy project of creating a museum.


Sébastien Dalbera, after managed to convince his sweetheart Elodie, persuade his family and contaminate many friends, created the association.

The project of the first Carnival Museum was born in the city of Contes, nestled in the heart of the valley of Paillons, typical of the beautiful hinterland of Nice.


The purpose of this museum is to pay tribute to carnivals but also to transmit to the youngest this ancestral art,  and in the same time to allow the oldest to revive their childhood memories.


Discovering the museum ... Tank models, posters, photographs, costumes, masks, big heads, all kinds of archives, will make you travel in the world of "Her Majesty Carnival".


You will be able to dive in the heart of the different carnivals in the area of Nice and in the rest of the world by either following a participative initiation course, walking around according to your desires, or even participating to a guided tour by a carnival specialist of the "GrossesTêtes".


You will be able to appreciate, during extraordinary visits, the demonstration of fabrication of typical "Big Heads" of carnival in respect of the traditional art of papier-mâché and spray paint.


We are waiting for you !!!


E viva Carneval !!

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